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Simply Micro Mesh

by Vjacin Scripts and Addons

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2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93

1.- Restart Blender after installing Simply Micro Mesh

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This addon is about creating micro meshes. These can be easily selected and customized.

The addon helps you to project ready-made micro objects onto your target object quickly and easily. Of course you can change them or create and use your own micro meshes. The scaling and phase can be adjusted quickly and it helps you to visualize the density quickly.

Addon Simply Micro Mesh Free Download

There are of course limitations that cannot be fully utilized, but for a correct creation of micro meshes I recommend the Blender internal addon (Tissue) This allows you to project your micro mesh perfectly onto your target object, which is better for accuracy. With Simply Micro Mesh it is easy to create a concept and work with it already if you want.

This Addon includes more than 120 ready-made Micro Mesh presets to use!

Have fun!

***be sure you restart Blender after installing the addon***

Contact: (GER – ENG – RUS)

Simply Micro Mesh UI-Workspace

Apply Micro Mesh

creates a Static Object with the current state of the Micro Meshes settings. With the Trash Icon you can delete Simply Micro Mesh System

Source Mesh/ Micro Mesh

Hides the source mesh or the micro mesh for rendering or debugging purposes.


All 127 presets are available for selection here. Just 3 Icons to change the size of Thumbnail for your need.

Micro Mesh Count

The number of Micro Meshes currently in use is displayed here. These should be refreshed (to the right) if you have made changes in the topology.

Micro Mesh


Selects the Micro Mesh for example to adjust material or other.


Goes directly to Edit Mode to edit the current micro mesh.

From Vert

Displays the emitt of the micro mesh from the vertices points.

From Face

Displays the emittance of the micro mesh to the faces.


Here you can select the orientation of the micro mesh. This includes the following three options


Scale & Phase

Here you can slide the size of the Micro Meshes back and forth


Here you can roughly adjust the alignment using the Phase Slider


is the same for both scale and phase. It is randomly divided according to the strength of the slider


Overlay fades in and out the overlay as usual.

Wire fades the wireframe mode in and out


Set the thickness of the Micro Mesh

Subdivision Level

Sets the subdivision of the micro mesh


There are array modifiers in the background, which can display more micro meshes at low resolution of the source mesh

Please be careful with the settings

Source Mesh

Here you can create the source mesh subdividences or unsubdividences

Please handle with care

Density Paint

Here you paint the area where the micro meshes should be displayed