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Mask Tools

by Wayward Art Company in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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over 2 years ago
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2.93, 3.0

Download Mask Tools addon for Blender Free

is an add-on that changes the process of texturing and creating complex materials in Blender. Simply add paint layers and effects to get professional looking models without having to export to other software. 

Procedural effects such as edge detect, dust, and various types of grunge can quickly be added to produce incredibly realistic textures.

Turn low-poly objects into highly detailed models in just a few steps. What might take days, or weeks to model can be done in minutes.

 And, say goodbye to messy node trees. Mask Tools helps keep your node setup organized and easy to understand.

With Distortion Masks you can paint procedural grunge on your models and continue to customize the shape, scale, and bump effects after painting.

You can also paint additional effects like alpha transparency, emission, and bump.

Download Mask Tools addon for Blender Free

is perfect for game artists looking to get detailed textures for their low-poly game assets.

You can now quickly add a variety of materials that come with the add-on. Each can be customized, regarding scale, roughness, color, etc..

Whether you’re texturing characters or environments you will speed up your workflow and get amazing results with Mask Tools.

Mask Tools comes with thirteen nodes. Seven of which are procedural effects, while the remaining six are designed as templates. Of those six, one is for general masking, and the other five are for painting.

These templates follow the principles of the PBR workflow. They have inputs for color, metallic, roughness, normal, and height maps. All of which are duplicated on each node and separated by a Mask input.

The Mask input uses values of black and white to separate these two sets of PBR textures. This can be done by adding procedural nodes, image textures, or by painting directly on the model.

Paint Masks allow you to paint procedural textures and continue to edit the effects after painting. All mask nodes are designed to stay linear, in a horizontal fashion. This will help to keep an organized node setup. Each mask is layered over of the one preceding it.