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Download [Addon]MESHmachine Free

is a blender mesh modeling addon with a focus on hard surface work without subdivision surfaces.

Fuse and Unfuse Surfaces, create Variable Fillets and Washoutsedit and fix Bevel geometry, Unbevel and Unchamfercreate and clean up Boolean Intersections and create perimeter loops, keep earlier mesh states around as Stashes and use them for Normal Transfersflatten and straighten normals, symmetrize and mirror custom normals, and detail surfaces flawlessly using Plugs – incl. your own custom made ones. 

MESHmachine 0.10.0 works with Blender 2.93 and 3.0!

NOTE: existing customers of the 2.79 version, read this.


How to install Download MESHmachine addon for Blender Free


  • Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Blender 2.93 (LTS), Blender 3.0 (stable)

Experimental Builds

Experimental Blender builds such as 3.1-alpha are not supported, and fixing any issues related to them, will not be a priority, but reporting them is still encouraged.

Blender on MacOS

MacOS users should install Blender properly, by following the official instructions.
Avoid running it just from the Downloads folder!
Note that, for dragging of files and folders, you need to hold down the COMMAND key.
This will ensure AppTranslocation1 is avoided.

Blender on Arch Linux

Arch Linux users and users of other Arch based or similar rolling release distros are advised to use the official Blender builds.
The Blender package in the Community repository does not supply its own Python, and does not follow official recommendations.
As a consequence, the system’s python version may not work with MESHmachine.

Latest MESHmachine

The latest version of MESHmachine is 0.10.0 – available on Gumroad and Blender Market.
See this page the learn what’s new in the latest versions, or see the changelog for the full release history.

What’s new Download MESHmachine addon for Blender Free

This is the Blender 3.0 release. Note, that at the time of this release, Blender 3.0 is still in beta. Alongside 3.0, Blender 2.93 LTS is still being supported, but support for any earlier versions is dropped now.

This release also no longer relies on Blender’s bgl module for VIEW3D drawing.
However, if you want MESHmachine to draw smooth, anti-aliased lines, you need to enable Use Legacy Line Smoothing in the addon preferences, which still uses bgl.


This release adds the Duplicate Boolean tool, which is used to easily duplicate or instance objects with one or multiple boolean modifiers, including all the boolean objects – aka “cutters” – even if they are hidden.

The Apply Boolean tool has been updated to support applying boolean mods on multi-object selections.

Unfuse and Unbevel

Both tools will no longer set sharp edges by default, unless the face selection actually consists of smooth faces.


There are various smaller tweaks and adjustments, such as improvements to the GetSupport tool and the removal of legacy code for pre-2.93 case handling.

Finally note that, due to the number of tools in the addon, not everything could be fully tested in 3.0, so some issues may still arise and should be reported.


To conclude, here is a very interesting, topology-focused use case for Plugs, which you may want to check out, by Unis on gumroad.