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Pure-Sky Pro

by 3DVision in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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Features Download Pure-Sky Pro addon for Blender 3.0 Free

  • Sky: Blue sky, stormy sky, atmopshere, space (Eevee & Cycle).
  • Volume: Volumetric clouds, Exponentiel fog, atmospheric fog (Eevee).
  • Celestial bodies: Sun, stars, moon, rainbow, physical planète (Eevee & Cycle).
  • Real-time lens flares/Lens dirt: Includes 4 different lens flares and 1 lens dirt shader (Eevee). Lens Dirt texture:
  • Additional content included only in the Pro version: Editable tornado (Eevee & Cycle). 

Ready for Blender 3.0.

Imagine a beautiful starry sky on a full moon night, a sunset at the seaside or a beautiful sunny day, with Pure-Sky Pro you can now realize these different scenes and much more.

Pure-Sky is the first and only procedural sky for Blender that: 

Includes shadow catcher. 
Includes a procedural ocean shader.
Allows you to display a stormy sky in one click.  
Directly includes real-time lens Flares and lens dirt.
Offers the possibility to fly into space with a 360° view.
Includes volumetric clouds generated directly in the world. 


Please, read the data sheet carefully before making a purchase.A new documentation has to be edited, we have given priority to adding new features.
The stability of this product is guaranteed only for the latest stable and official version of Blender.Volumetric rendering with eevee imposes limits that do not depend on us, to get very sharp clouds you have to increase the “ClipStart” distance of the camera, this problem exists because volumes do not emit shadows with eevee. This update (EEVEE’s Future)  of the Blender Foundation will solve this problem. *Note: This limit does not exist with Cycle rendering. Generating volumes requires good machine performance, make sure your equipment is suitable for this. Hardware configuration used for the demo: GPU RTX 2060, CPU I7 3.60Ghz, 16GBRam.  

Pure-Sky Pro 4.6 Release Trailer.

Download Pure-Sky Pro addon for Blender 3.0 Free Released! (29/11/2021)

How to setup for Cycles rendering?

CompatibilityE-CycleK-CycleWindowsLinuxMac Os
Blender 3.0+yesyesyesyesNo
Moon yesyesyesyes
Shadow Catcheryesyesyesyes
Lens Flares
Lens DirtyesYesYes
Obstacle detectionyesyesyesyesyes
Paintable Cloudsyesyesyes
Exponential Fogyesyesyesyesyes
Atmospheric Fogyesyesyesyesyes
Additional content
Physical Planetyesyesyes
Editable Tornadoyesyesyes
Procedural Wateryesyesyes
Stellar Versionyesyes
Strong points
Easy to animate.Includes presets.
Generates a realistic sky.Includes shadow catcher.Includes an editable tornado.Includes a clock and a real time calendar.
Allows you to display a stormy sky in one click.Can be animated without using an animation key.Volumetric rendering now supported for “Cycle”.
Offers the possibility to fly into space with a 360° view.Directly includes real-time lens Flares and lens dirt with automatic obstacle detection.Includes volumetric clouds generated directly in the world. You can fly in any direction to infinity.
Weak points
The lens flares do not detect obstacles with “Cycle”.The volumes do not generate shadows and reflection “eevee”.

Add presets. Goal achieved (29/11/21)
Develop editable terrain.Develop editable lightning bolts.Add the Aurore Boréal volumetric. Goal achieved (05/10/21)
Develop procedural shader Ocean. Goal achieved (05/10/21) 
Make volumes compatible for Cycle. Goal achieved (05/10/21) Add a particle system to generate rain.Add a particle system to generate snow.
Develop an Installable version with Python. Goal achieved (30/08/21) Develop a particle system to add trees and vegetation.Develop procedural materials: terrain, mountain etc..

How to setup for Cycles rendering?

How to render volumetric clouds eevee over a cycle render?