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RBDLab is a new addon to take full advantage of Blender physics. From fracturing objects to making them explode, adding smoke, debris or advanced use of constraints, RBDLab will allow you to do things in Blender that until now were practically impossible or in which you had to spend a huge amount of hours. 

RBDLab has different option panels and a “linear” workflow, from Fracturing, Rigidbody, Constraints, Simulation, Particles… you will go through all the phases that a good RBD system requires.

It has advanced features such as, for example, the emission of particles only from the chunks that break, or “Acetone”, so you can deactivate Constraints as and when you want.

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Download Rbdlab addon for Blender Free 1.1 BIG UPDATED!!!

The biggest update to date. Undoubtedly, the change from version 1.0.4 to version 1.1, will mark a before and after in RBDLab. 

Some of the major updates and new features:

Modules and Fractures panel.


-A main panel where you can switch between the different RBDLab modules. Fractures, Physical, Particles and Smoke. 

-Random Color and Selected by Color buttons, which will make your workflow much easier. 


-New panel “Mesh visualization options” where we will have quick access to many options. From visualization of low/high fractures, explode, pretty shading, optimization… 

–         Improved performance when fracturing several objects at the same time. 

-New “Fracture Details” panel. Fractures with internal detail and roughness have arrived to RBDLab. You will be able to choose between exact or fast boolean, as needed. You will have 2 types of detailed fractures, by subdivision or remesh.

Physics Panel

– Add Handler. We added a new option in the rigid bodies, to be able to manipulate in a much easier way your objects if they are in kinematic mode. You have a tool to move the pivot and get the result you are looking for.

– The “Convert in Passive” tool now has powerful new options. For starters, you will be able to quickly view/hide, select or delete passive chunks. 

– Added a new way to convert chunks to “passive” by converting them to kinematic. This way you can have passive chunks that you can later animate to become active at any time.

– The “Chipping” tool is now converted to “Chunk Isolate Selector”. You will have new ways to isolate chunks, much more convenient and useful than its previous version.

– Acetone has received a huge update. It now allows you to work with “Deactivated”, “Kinematic” and “Constraints”. In addition, you now have to tell Acetone which chunks you want it to work with, speeding up the calculation process a lot. You can add as many Acetones as you want in scene, and you have a “Passes” option to speed up the Acetone calculation.

Particles Panel

 New particle system. We have no words to describe how powerful is the new RBDLab particle system. We have created a separate velocity recognition system for each chunk. This way, we can have particles emitted separately in each chunk, depending on their velocity.


–          -Initial configuration panel. You will have a series of options to pre-configure your particle system. Once configured, you create the system and then you can change its options at any time using the “Updated” button.

–          -Huge improvement in particle deletion speed. If you need to delete your particles for some reason, you can now do it almost immediately.

–          -Added display buttons, you can show or hide particles easily, both in viewport and render.

Smoke Panel

-The new Smoke panel, to leave you with your mouth open. You will be able to emit smoke (or fire/smoke) from the mesh or from the smoke particle system created in the particles panel. Once the system is generated, you can configure the options to your liking.

-Apart from a lot of internal improvements, performance improvement and a much more beautiful visual section, we have a lot of improvements still to be added and we are already working on them.

RBDLab 1.2 will arrive soon and will bring great new features in the fracture panel, performance improvements and improvements in the smoke panel.


We have created the first of many buildings, prepared specifically for destruction with RBDLab!

Here you have the link to see the product!


– Improved fractures. Now you can fracture your chunks more rapidly (up to 600%). You are going to hallucinate with this!

– Improved Scatter pannel. Now you have new tools available, like ‘Grid’ mode which is useful to fracture your chunks in a cubic shape. Remember to switch off ‘noise’ option if you want perfect cubes!

– Collision tools. Now the pannel used for adding collisions to the particles has a greyish colour until you add a ‘Bake’ to ‘keyframes’, that way, we can avoid some issues with our Rigid Bodies. We have also added a button that removes the collisions if you want to step back.

– Acetone tool. We have greatly improved our ‘Acetone’ tool and now it includes some substeps. In some cases, ‘Acetone’ was not running properly with all of the chunks, but now it will do for sure. We recommend you input a value between 1-10, depending on what you need.

– The button ‘Add keyframe’ in Kinematic options has improved too. Now you don’t need to add 2 keys to deactivate, just go to the frame in which you want them to be disabled and then click on ‘Add key’ button.

We want to express our gratitude to Georg Bernhard (‘gogo’) for helping us improve the performance and the fracture-creation speed. 


Color Collection. Now you can organize your collections by color, very useful to improve the visualization in the viewport.

– Animation Kinematic. Now you can animate your rigidbodies, everyone was wishing for it!

– Ultra fast Constraints. New MUCH FASTER constraint system.

– Animated Constraints. You can also animate the Glue of your constraints!

– Acetone multiple objects. You can make any geometry Acetone and have multiple Acetones at the same time.

And much more:

  • Custom Debris
  • Collision particles
  • Bake to keyframes.
  • …And many bugs fixed!.

Some features from RBDLab:

  • easy and varied ways to make fractures
  • total control over your rigidbodies
  • easy creation and configuration of constraints
  • detail your simulations as much as possible, with debris, dust or smoke.
  • emits debris only from fractures that rupture.
  • create Chippings with easy tools for more realistic simulations.


  • Now, Rigid Bodies presets update with your Target Collection.
  • Selection to Passive tools create Collection with Target Collection name.

We will also upload a complete list of tutorials.

And The addon receives updates with huge improvements.