Download Addon Speedflow for Blender full version Free 2021

Free Download Addons Speedflow Blender 3.0 2021

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Download Speedflow addon for Blender Free

By pitiwazou

Speedflow works on 2.79 and 2.9x versions!


Group buys not supported, I’ll remove customers who share the add-ons!

The support is per customer only.

The addon is cheap, support isn’t free, support our work 😉

INTRODUCTION Download Speedflow addon for Blender Free

Speedflow is an amazing tool to improve your workflow!

This Addon allows you to handle modifiers as simple as possible.

You can use a Pie Menu, a normal menu, or the Panel.


With the Cutter Modal, you can cut your object really fast.

You can:

  • cut
  • Make Union
  • Make Rebool (make the reverse)
  • Create lines
  • The cutter is really easy to use and really fast!
  • Etc


With the Array modal you can manage multiple Array Modifiers directly in the modal!

You can:

  • Array Circular (2.8)
  • Edit in X, Y, and Z-axis
  • Add/Remove multiples Arrays
  • Create Arrays on Curves
  • Create cables easily with Start and End Caps
  • Change the object on the curve
  • Etc.


With the Solidify modal, you can add Solidify on your selection!

You can:

  • Add a Solidify on multiple objects
  • Change the settings, Offset, Even Offset, Fill Rim etc
  • Add more than one Solidify
  • Use vertex groups
  • Add Bevel and Subsurf directly in the modal
  • Etc.

– ROTATE – (2.79)

With the Rotate modal, you can rotate with increments!

You can:

  • Rotate with increments, 45°, 10° and 5°
  • Rotate in global and Local
  • Change the Pivot for the rotate
  • Snap the pivot directly in the modal
  • Etc.


With the Tubify modal, you can create cables in one click!

You can:

  • Create a cable from a curve or a mesh with only edges
  • Change the Depth, Resolutions U & V
  • Convert the cable in polygon
  • Use profiles
  • Change profiles in the modal