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You Can Download : Download TextBox 2 for After Effects Free Download

How it works Subtitle Pro for After Effects Free Download

Template Categories

  1. Classic Subtitle
  2. Simple Animation
  3. Fading Animation
  4. Abstract Animation
  5. Lower thirds Animation

Subtitle Pro for After Effects Free

Create Professional Subtitles Directly in After Effects and Premiere Pro

is a professional plugin that lets you create subtitles for your videos directly in After Effects and Premiere Pro. you can import .srt file or any subtitles format or write your text. translating words by one click. sync times by one click. not just a simple text for subtitles, make stylish ones!.

What’s new in Subtitle Pro for After Effects Free Download


Please note that animation templates and markers are not available in Premiere Pro for now, we are working to add these features in premiere pro as well. that works perfectly on Adobe After Effects.


  • Import SRT files or write your text ( Premiere Pro & Aftereffects )
  • Youtube SRT importer – fast and easy just by copy the youtube link –  ( Premiere Pro & Aftereffects )
  • Find the overlaps of subtitles times  ( Premiere Pro & Aftereffects )
  • Animations Template Preview (only for Aftereffects)
  • Sync between Plugin and aftereffects(only for Aftereffects)
  • Shift all or some rows with handy and useful UI ( Premiere Pro & Aftereffects )
  • Translate sentences right inside subtitle pro ( Premiere Pro & Aftereffects )
  • Control subtitles with markers (available on Aftereffects)
  • Quick Search and Find ( Premiere Pro & Aftereffects )
  • Import & Export the subtitles in all popular formats. ( Premiere Pro & Aftereffects )
  • Table View & AutoSave Workflow ( Premiere Pro & Aftereffects )
  • Different Subtitle Animation Templates to choose (available on Aftereffects)
  • All encoding supported (utf-8, utf-8 with bom, ansii, utf-16) ( Premiere Pro & Aftereffects )
  • Fast Render ( Premiere Pro & Aftereffects ) 
  • Works on any resolution ( Premiere Pro & Aftereffects )
  • Subtitle pro is multi-purpose, beyond subtitles you can create lower third animations and more!(available on Aftereffects)