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This Course explains Why/How to write contract tests for Testing Microservices using Pact Testing tool on Live Projects

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What you’ll learn From : Microservices Contract Testing with Pact Torrent

Understand the differences between Monolithic and Microservices ArchitectureRealize the Importance and necessity of Contract Testing in the Microservices Architecture
Learn to build effective Contract Tests using Pact Testing tool to test the Inter communication between two SystemsUnderstand writing Consumer Driven & Provider Tests to generate the Integration check of two services
Deeper Understanding of Pact Contract Testing tool and its related Orchestrator tools like Pact flow to centrally manage Contract filesAND More

Requirements Microservices Contract Testing with Pact Torrent

  • Basic Java
  • Spring Boot fundamentals ( Good to have but optional)

Description Microservices Contract Testing with Pact Torrent

” Contract Testing ” is one of the most buzzing word in the Software Industry especially in the projects which relies heavily on Microservices Architecture.
Contract testing is the Modern way of testing communication/Contract between two any Systems (Such as Microservice, Angular NodeJS, Java Apps).    In Agile world, Contract Testing  is heavily used in the bottom of the Test Pyramid  to identify the bugs in early development cycle. 
***For More details, Please watch Preview lectures of this course to get detail understanding of how and Why Contract Testing****
In this course, We shall be using Pact Contract testing tool (Java Library) to test the inter communication contract between Microservices

What this Course offers?

This course  helps you to understand all the concepts revolving around Contract testing first to make you realize the importance of having these tests in the Projects
And then introduces the Contract testing tool called Pact and gets deep dive into writing Consumer & Provider driven Contract tests to test Microservices Inter communication.
I will also show you different helper orchestrator tools available such as Pactflow to centrally manage Contract files across the Projects.

On course completion, You will have thorough understanding of how Microservices communication works internally and how can we test this communication using Pact Contract Testing tool.

Who this course is for:

  • Automation Testers
  • QA
  • Developers
  • Software Engineers

Created by : Rahul Shetty
Last updated 11/2021
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