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Modern GraphQL Databases with Prisma Torrent

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Description Modern GraphQL Databases with Prisma Torrent

Prisma helps app developers build faster and make fewer errors with an open source database toolkit for PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and SQLite

What is Prisma?

Prisma is an open-source ORM that drastically simplifies data modeling, migrations, and data access for SQL databases in Node.js and TypeScript.

How Prisma and GraphQL fit together

GraphQL provides a powerful way for web and mobile apps to fetch data from an API. However, as a backend developer, you are still responsible for how your GraphQL server retrieves the requested data from the database by implementing your GraphQL resolvers – that’s where Prisma comes in.

Prisma is an ORM that is used inside of GraphQL resolvers to query a database. It works perfectly with all your favorite tools and libraries from the GraphQL ecosystem. You can use it with SDL-first and code-first GraphQL schemas and with any server library such as Apollo Server, Express, NestJS or Mercurius.

The Prisma schema

The Prisma schema uses Prisma’s modeling language to define your database schema. It makes data modeling easy and intuitive, especially when it comes to modeling relations.

The syntax of the Prisma schema is heavily inspired by GraphQL SDL. If you’re already familiar with SDL, picking it up to model your database tables will be a breeze.

Prisma and GraphQL Use Cases

Prisma can be used in your GraphQL resolvers, no matter whether you’re using an SDL-first approach using makeExecutableSchema from graphql-tools or a code-first approach like Nexus or TypeGraphQL.

Note: All examples below are using express-graphql as a GraphQL server, but they also work with any other library like Apollo Server, NestJS or Mercurius.

Why Prisma and GraphQL?

End-to-end type safety

Get coherent typings for your application, from database to frontend, to boost productivity and avoid errors.

Optimized database queries

Prisma’s built-in dataloader ensures optimized and performant database queries, even for N+1 queries.

Type-safe database client

Prisma Client ensures fully type-safe database queries with benefits like autocompletion – even in JavaScript.

Intuitive data modeling

Prisma’s modeling language is inspired by GraphQL SDL and lets you intuitively describe your database schema.

Easy database migrations

Map your Prisma schema to the database so you don’t need to write SQL to manage your database schema.

Filters, pagination & ordering

Prisma Client reduces boilerplates by providing convenient APIs for common database features.

Modern GraphQL Databases with Prisma Torrent

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